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We protect your teeth from sports accidents!

Why is it useful to wear dental protection?

Nowadays there are so many sports accidents, that we need to be aware of the importance of dental protection in order to avoid injuries! When doing sporting activity you can suffer serious injuries with some very severe consequences for a long term, such as breaking a tooth, injuries of the roots, the gums or the lips… etc.

What is a proper dental protection like?

There are huge differences in dental protection devices used in sport. The most important features of a proper dental protection are the followings:

  • it should completely sit on the teeth,
  • must not disturb the user when breathing,
  • the power of the hits should be spread all over the teeth and it is also important that the space for the lower teeth is appropriate for closing the teeth,
  • in case of hits from the sides, the jawbone must not be able to move,
  • the power of the hit should be spread over the upper teeth so that side arches can be relieved,
  • the outside form of the protection should also protect the lips,
  • the colour and the pattern should be characteristic for the user

Measure-made dental protection

Only protection devices made in dental laboratories can meet these high requirements. These are all laminated dental protection devices that exactly fit the users teeth and are able to spread the energy of hits fairly evenly.

How are they made?

Measure-made dental protections are made based on a lower and upper bite imprint taken in a dental surgery as well as a bite registration. After a 10 minute intervention the dental protection will be made in a dental laboratory within 48 hours.




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