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Dear Partners!


We would like to inform all of you who are interested in, that due to a support of the European Uniun our technical-technological background was enlarged in autumn 2009. The total amount of the support given by the EU and the Hungarian State was 1.064.500 Forint. Within the frames of a support of technological development for micro- and small enterprises, we were given the possibility to offer you higher level services by purchasing the following devices: Marathon 600 Micromotor; Radii Plus Blach Arch System Tooth Bleaching Device; Woodpecker EMS Depurator; SCHEU Dental deep extractor; HA-43A straight piece;    WA-56 LT arch piece.

Thanks to the modern equipment representing highest technology, we were able to widen the scope of the sevices and treatments offered to you. Due to the above mentioned support we also established a complex orthodontic system which enables us the registrate and record all the treatments carried out and all the material bought and used up much more easily and faster than ever before.





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Baja Social security orthodontics
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In our Baja surgery you can pay by bank card as well as health card!


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